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123 Street Avenue, City Town, 99999

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Our ethos

We have 5 tenets and we aim to exceed expectations in all of them. Each is equal and none can be neglected nor prioritised over another.

For each of these tenets we've made some commitments:


1.            We aim to achieve LEED ND Platinum* and at a minimum will achieve Gold

2.            Our homes will be clustered in pocket neighbourhoods of 15-30 houses

3.            Car parking will be convenient but will not dominate neighbourhoods


4.            Our homes: we aim to achieve Code for Sustainable Homes Level 5** and at a minimum, Level 4

5.            We will take a holistic view of sustainability that includes impacts on bio-diversity, water-use and quality, off-gassing (from synthetic building materials), food supply and soil depletion

6.            Our houses take account of Lifetime Homes Standard**


7.            All residents will live within an 1 minute walk of a green space

8.            All residents will live within a 5 minute walk of a park, and a 10 minute walk of a shop and a bus stop

9.            The architectural expression and interior design of our high-quality houses will be specific to their local context


10.          We aim to achieve 12 greens in the Building for Life assessment**

11.          Quality will be continuously improved

12.          Precision-made components will be built on site by skilled craftsmen


13.          We’ll provide the right product at the right price

14.          The scale of our production will keep house prices competitive while improving quality

15.          We’ll employ an innovative approach to ownership in both the market and affordable sectors

We believe the challenges of our age are interconnected




* LEED ("Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design") is the internationally-recognised method for assessing sustainable design and ND ("Neighborhood Development") assesses schemes at the scale of a neighbourhood. Platinum is the highest score achievable. For more information see:

** or equivalent in local context