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Are you a land owner?

We are looking for sites that can enhance existing settlements: typically two to five acres in, or on the edge of, a town or village. 
We are also interested in delivering parcels within larger developments, where the vision for the development as a whole aligns with what we are aiming to achieve and with a commitment from the landowner to create social capital, a sense of community and green infrastructure.

Typically our concept works at a density of between 30 and 60 dwellings per hectare. We look for appropriate sites for single-family houses; suitable for a mix of terraced, semi-detached and detached. A small percentage of apartments are generally welcome and we always look to include, or be close to community facilities and shops. Access to public transport, services, employment and good schools is very high on our list of priorities. We get very excited about sites with a strong landscape character, which include mature trees for instance or overlook wetlands or woodland.



Talking to landowners we hear similar problems time and again. It takes years to get planning and it’s a bit of a lottery what land values will be when permission is finally granted. Years are spent developing a vision and really believing in it, and then a prospective buyer walks onto a field and just can’t see the value. Commitments are made to the local planning authority, which appear unachievable when it comes to implementation or parcels sit half-finished because the house-builder has run into financial difficulty. Our approach is different.

Firstly, we prefer to partner with the landowner and are prepared to explore innovative deal structures that allow the landowner to realise the true value of the land. Secondly, we significantly reduce  infrastructure costs through our  innovative layouts. Thirdly, through our modular construction process we reduce the time from place of order to completion of house sale. We do not order from our supplier until the customer orders from us and a significant proportion of the payment to the house supplier is paid at the point of house sale completion. Fourthly, the pocket concept allows small phases to be built with a high proportion of pre-sales. These ‘pockets’ feel complete and establish a sense of place so buyers  of subsequent parcels have a real sense  of the site’s potential.  Fifthly, each new pocket will respond to the market demand of its predecessor creating a flexible model that increases the rate of sales and profitability.  All this narrows the time-gap between expenditure and income, resulting in lower peak debt and a market-responsive model that reduces risk.

Repetition brings benefits, but it also magnifies small changes in purchasing costs, delivery times and so on. To control this we have a sophisticated software model that analyses the impact of each and every variation to ensure margins are maintained and cash flow is optimised throughout the development process from site evaluation to sales completion.

All this means we can deliver our promises, ensure a real sense of  innovation, create a positive vibe  around a development and enhance  value in follow-on phases.


There are a number of benefits in our approach to you, the landowner. Here are a few:
Our concept will create a sense of place and establish your development as a desirable place to live. This will lead in turn to increased value in follow on phases. You will realise the optimum value of your land. You get a partner with a proven track record who can deliver your vision and commitments you have made during the town planning process. We provide a means for you to meet emerging legal requirements. We have a business plan that is highly responsive to market fluctuations, carries less risk and has better cash flow than traditional models. All this means we’ll deliver and you won’t be left with a part-finished development.