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We have spent the last couple of decades advising policy-makers, local councils, transport authorities, developers, mayors and a Prime Minister. Central to this advice is that a sense of place matters. Cherished places are looked after, they last and so, they are sustainable.

think villages puts these ideas into practice in a very direct way. We aim to build pocket neighbourhoods: small clusters of homes around shared space, where children can play safely and neighbours can meet. We will do this in a way that respects and responds to the local context and gives something back to it.

We are inspired by visionary thinkers such as Stewart Brand and by people who have actually done it, such as Ross Chapin, who coined the term “pocket neighborhoods” to describe the small infill developments he has done around Seattle. We have not rushed into this; we have spent three years developing and testing our concept. While we have drawn from international best practice, we are committed to the idea that neighbourhoods should be shaped by their context: the history of a place; its people; its landscape.

We want to build the kind of neighbourhoods we'd like to live in ourselves.        

If you have a couple of minutes, this video gives a quick summary of our concept: